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Format A0

It can be portrait or landscape, although probably best as portait due to the width of supporting grids.


You can print your poster at ESPACE COPIE near the conference (15 min walk). Directions from the conference venue

Short talks

10 min including questions

Aim for 7 min talk + 3 min questions

Long Talks

20 min including questions

Aim for 15 min talk + 5 min questions


Please upload you talk as soon as possible, the day before your talk at the latest. Thank you!

Use this template : to name your file.  

There are two rooms: auditorium and ballif

There are three sessions: earlymorning , midmorning and afternoon 

So your file could be something like


We can deal with PDF formats only - if you have videos send us your file 

Select the day of your talk below and upload your file

Just to be on the safe side, have your talk on a USB key as well...


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